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October 2014 – present

For anyone who’s been there, the word souk (or souq) conjures up scenes of dusty alleyways spilling over with goods and provisions whose variety defies description. Wherever you are in town, the spice souk is easy to find thanks to its cloud of pungent scents. Herbs and spices define a country’s cuisine: Think of Italy, and you’ll imagine basil and oregano. China? Ginger will come to mind. Thailand must be lemongrass; Mexico, the piquant chilli. For the Middle East, it would be sumac, and za’atar.

My Souk Drawer is about creating a new and innovative retail space that captures all the senses. My Souk Drawer provides the most original and freshest specialist range of dried herbs, individual spices, culinary ingredients and spice blends available in the Hunter where the consumer can buy exactly the amount they need which can save from 30% to 70% on spices and herbs in bulk compared to other outlets selling the same culinary ingredients in packaged form.

And don’’t forget that My Souk Drawer not only offers fantastic and unique spice blends roasted & ground daily but also sells a quirky range of women’s and men’s socks as well! Well you would sell socks wouldn’t you if you are called My Souk Drawer?!

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