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Product Description

An Australian Bush Tucker blend with lemon-lime scents and flavours in harmony with the tartness and apricot/peach overtones of native fruits, and supported by other tropical and citrus traditional spice ingredients. Suitable for both sweet and savoury cooking styles.

Ingredients: Quandong, Sumac, Finger Lime, Orange Peel, Passionfruit Extract, Lemon Myrtle, Strawberry Gum, Desert Lime, Saltbush, Davidson Plum, Rainforest Mint, Wattleseed.

Warning: This product does contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

Additional Information

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Reluctantly a cumulative set of negative impacts since 2016 has meant My Souk’s Days are now coming to an end. We thank all of our regular customers since we stated over 8 years ago, and, as unfortunately the circumstances were outside of our control both here in decisions directly affecting the original CBD, and those further afield due to COVID and costs of living, our hands have been forced to close our business permanently on Dec 24th 2022. Financially exhausted, we will not re-open elsewhere nor trade on-line but disappear into the ether amongst a multitude of aromas. Thank you for all your support. Continue to cook and eat well with spices however you can. It has been a Top Shelf experience for us and hopefully for you too. Maybe Adieu but definitely, forever, Ras -el-Hanout!!! Dismiss